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Preparatio Mortis


Original Title Preparatio Mortis
English Title Preparatio Mortis
Director Bélgica Jan Fabre
Country Bélgica
Runtime 52 min



“Preparatio Mortis” is devoted to the human body, transformation and the utopian ideal. As can be expected, Fabre expresses this devotion in his own characteristic way by tackling the taboos of contemporary society: in this case, the taboo of death. Our society is quick to cover up death, banish it from view and condemn it to the cold, sterile surrounds of retirement homes and hospitals… In “Preparatio Mortis,” however, Fabre assigns pride of place to ‘life.’ For “it is precisely through death that we learn to look at life differently. Death forces a fuller, more intense vision of life upon us – I constantly strive for a post-mortem stadium of life,” says Fabre. In “Preparatio Mortis,” a tomb is seen overgrown with a gigantic blanket of yellow, red, purple and white flowers. The colorful quilt appears to breath rhythmically as a hand, then an arm, a head and two bare feet appear. The dancer, Annabelle Chambon appears to rise from the dead. Every movement, breath and gaze become an intense event, a resurrection expressing a lust for life. Death becomes a positive energy field and a motor for new dreams and desires. This life-giving breathing defines the rhythm of “Preparatio Mortis”: the slow breathing of the blanket of flowers that comes to life, the breathing of Annabelle Chambon’s catlike dance and the breathing of the organ that pumps air in its production of sound.

Troubleyn-Jan Fabre is a theatre company with extensive international operations. Its home base is Antwerp. The artist Jan Fabre has been its artistic head since it was established in 1986. Troubleyn-Jan Fabre represents the creation and presentation of the work for the stage by the artist Jan Fabre (theatre, dance, opera, film projects) and by extension the coordination of publications, public talks, workshops, etc., as well as the work of the Troubleyn-Laboratorium. This space functions not only as a workplace and rehearsal space, but also as a laboratory for independent research and training, focusing on body and language.


  • Annabelle Chambon


Compañía: Troubleyn/Jan Fabre (Bélgica)

Creación: Jan Fabre/Annabelle Chambon

Música: compuesta por Bernard Foccroulle. “Toccata” (2001), interpretada por Bernard Foccroulle en el órgano de la Catedral de Bruselas; “Spiegel” (2005), interpretada por David Boos en el órgano renacentista de la Iglesia de San Lorenzo de Alkmaar; “Capriccio sopra Re-Fa-Mi-Sol” (1986), interpretada por Benoît Mernier en el órgano de coro en Muri; “Pulchra es” (2009), interpretada por Bernard Foccroulle en el órgano Silbermann de la Iglesia de Santo Tomás, Estrasburgo. “Ornamented Flutes” (2007) interpretada por Bernard Foccroulle en el órgano Thomas del Temple du Bouclier, Estrasburgo. “Fantasia sopra «Da pacem Domine»” (1999), interpretada por Bernard Foccroulle en el órgano renacentista de la Iglesia de Saint Jacques, Lieja.

Diseño de iluminación: Jan Fabre

Dirección musical: Bernard Foccroulle

Diseño de escenografía: Jan Fabre

Producción: Helmut Van den Meersschaut/Cédric Charron

Fecha y ciudad de estreno: 2005, Festival d’Avignon; 2010, Teatro Palladium

Coproducción: deSingel, Amberes (Bélgica), Romaeuropa (Italia)


In this performance, animals are treated respectfully and do not suffer any harm.

It contains nudity.



Oct 820:30 h

Preparatio Mortis


Q&A: At the end of this show, foreign artists and directors will engage in a conversation with the audience attending the performance.