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The Return / Voluptuous Sleep

april 16

Teatro San Martín

Room: Sala Leopoldo Lugones



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Nathaniel Dorsky

He was born in New York, USA, in 1943. He studied at the Antioch College and the University of New York, and settled in San Francisco in 1971. Triste (1996), Variations (1998), The Visitation (2002), Winter (2008) and Pastourelle (2010) are some of his 16mm silent shorts. He published the book Devotional Cinema (2003).

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Betzy Bromberg

Director of the Film and Video Program at the California Arts Institute (CalArts), she directed the short films Petit Mal (1978), Ciao Bella (1979), Soothing the Bruise (1980) and Marasmus (1981, together with Laura Ewig), the medium-length films Body Politic (1988) and Divinity Gratis (1996), and the feature film a Darkness Swallowed (2005), all included in the retrospective of her work held at Bafici in 2007.

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