12th BAFICI News

Magnetic fields day

El día de los campos magnéticos 13 Tue 2010

This Tuesday 13/04, the prolific and enigmatic American indie rocker Stephin Merritt (photo), leader of the band The Magnetic Fields, will have his day in the BAFICI: at 9.30PM in the Hoyts 2 the documentary "Strange powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields" by Kerthy Fix and Gail O'Hara will be screened. Also, at 11PM in the cycle "Small Nocturnal Music ", the Argentine pop musician Sebastian Rubin along with Nacho and Alvy will interpret Magnetic Fields’ songs, whose last album "Realism" was just edited in Argentina.

Premiere of Animationbox creations

Estreno de las creaciones de “Animationbox” 13 Tue 2010

The workshop "Animationbox" (picture) that took place from Friday 9/04 to Sunday 11/04, with the participation of children between 6 and 10 years of age, will show its outcome this Tuesday at 4.30PM at the Children Museum Auditorium in the Abasto Shopping Center. In other words, the animated films of children that participated in the workshop imagined armed and conceived, will be officially screened.

Cinema, against any superstition

Cine, contra cualquier superstición 13 Tue 2010

The festival continues its course during this Tuesday the 13th, day feared in Argentina by the popular belief that link these particular day and number with "bad luck". In BAFICI 2010, however, it is the contrary. It is considered good luck to see the best independent film of the world. This Tuesday, 117 films will be screened (see programming "Day x day" ), tickets cost 10 pesos and are for sale in the ticket booths at the French Alliance (Av. Córdoba 946),the Hoyts Abasto cinemas (Av. Corrientes 3247), Atlas Santa Fe (Av. Santa Fe 2015), Arteplex Belgrano (Av. Cabildo 2829), Arteplex Caballito (Av. Rivadavia 5050), 25 de Mayo (Av. Triunvirato 4444), Leopoldo Lugones Auditorium of the San Martin Theater (10th floor Av. Corrientes 1530) and Malba Cinema (Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415). Tickets can also be bought through the website www.festivales.gob.ar.

Pure cinema Monday with tickets on sale

Lunes de puro cine, con entradas a la venta 12 Mon 2010

The central week of BAFICI starts this Monday with hundreds of good movies to see in the porteño neighborhoods of Centro, Abasto, Belgrano, Villa del Parque, Palermo and Villa Urquiza. Tickets for all available screenings are on sale for 10 pesos at the ticket booths of: French Alliance (Av. Córdoba 946) the Hoyts Abasto cinemas (Av. Corrientes 3247), Atlas Santa Fe Cinema (Av. Santa Fe 2015), Arteplex Belgrano (Av. Cabildo 2829), Arteplex Caballito (Av. Rivadavia 5050), 25 De Mayo (Av. Triunvirato 4444), Leopoldo Lugones Auditorium of San Martín Theater (10th floor, Av. Corrientes 1530) and Malba Cine (Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415). Tickets can also be bought through the website www.festivales.gob.ar.

A full BAFICI Sunday

Fue un domingo a pleno Bafici 12 Mon 2010

This past sunny autumn Sunday in Buenos Aires left the geography of the city with snapshots inevitably linked to the festival, from downtown to Belgrano, from Villa del Parque to Villa Urquiza, with the main center in the Abasto: from the Espacio BAFICI at Guardia Vieja St, to the central hall of the Abasto Shopping Center on the way to the Hoyts cinemas, across Anchorena St. to the outdoors cinema at Carlos Gardel St. The same happened at the San Martin of Tours Square, where families with their parents and children enjoyed the end of the afternoon with a series of praised shorts by Spanish filmmakers (photo). Everywhere, people coming and going, with their programming grid in hand and the desire to see films reflected in their eager faces, awake, alive. A full BAFICI Sunday

La tarde de Fipresci en el Festival

La tarde de Fipresci en el Festival 12 Mon 2010

The argentine subsidiary of the International Federation of Film Press (FIPRESCI) gave yesterday, during a roundtable entitled "Critics and/with/vs directors”, the awards for Best Argentinean Film of the decade, Best Argentinean Film 2009 and Best Foreign Film premiered in Argentina in 2009. The winners were "The swamp" by Lucrecia Martel as "Best Argentinean Film of the Decade", with a special mention for "The Aura," by Fabian Bielinsky; "A week alone," by Celina Murga as "Best Argentine Film 2009", with a special mention for the winner of the Oscar "The secret of his eyes", by Juan Jose Campanella. The famous Argentine actor Ricardo Darin (photo) received the award for "The aura" and "The secret of his eyes

A must see dialogue with Marie Losier

Diálogo imperdible con Marie Losier 12 Mon 2010

This Monday at 7PM at the BAFICI Space, the artistic director of the Festival, Sergio Wolf, will have a dialogue with the French filmmaker Marie Losier, New Yorker for adoption and protagonist with her particular shorts of a space within the section "Retro and Focus" of BAFICI 2010. Marie was born in France in 1972 and has her operations center in NYC, where she films, is curator and displays her films in museums, galleries and festivals such as the George Pompidou Center of Paris, the Berlin Film Festival and the Lincoln Center in New York.

This Sunday, more free outdoors cinema

Este domingo, más cine gratuito al aire libre 11 Sun 2010

This is an ideal day to enjoy the best programming of free outdoor cinema with two must do activities at two beautiful urban spots of Buenos Aires. From 3PM at the Carlos Gardel St, another collection of new Argentine shorts by young filmmakers will be screened. At this same spot but at 5PM it will be the turn of “El último verano de Boyita” by Julia Solomonoff and at 7PM “Election” by Johnier To will be screened.

At “Outdoors Baficito”, from 7.30PM at the San Martín de Tours Square (Schiaffino and Posadas), the shorts “A revolta dos mouses” (David Alejandro Gen), “O soldadiño de chumbo” (Virginia Curiá and Tomás Conde), “Leo” (Fernando Cortizo), “The werepig” (Samuel Orti) and “O pintor de ceos” (Jorge Morais) will be screened.

Dani Umpi at “Little night music”

Dani Umpi en “Pequeña música nocturna” 11 Sun 2010

The Uruguayan pop artist Dani Umpi (photo) and his band will be the protagonists this Sunday at 11PM at Espacio BAFICI of the 4th night of the music series that the festival offers as a complement to the movie marathon. The idea of concluding a day with lots of films, thoughts and meetings with good music, seems the best program for every night at the Abasto.

A dialogue about “the new stuff”

Un diálogo sobre “lo nuevo” 11 Sun 2010

A meeting about “New literature and new film” will take place this Sunday at 2PM at the Espacio BAFICI auditorium. Fabián Casas (photo), Gonzalo Castro, Oliverio Coelho, Cecilia del Valle, Alejandro Lingenti and Pedro Mairal will participate in this meeting with Gonzalo Aguilar as the moderator.