BAFICI was born in 1999 and has ever since grown to become one of the most prominent film festivals in the world, placed as it is in a privileged position on the international film agenda.

The Festival is renowned as an essential means of promotion for the independent film output, where the most innovative, daring and committed films can be shown.

In the span of its comprehensive programming the festival comprises several cultural expressions and gathers acclaimed directors and new talents within a dynamic atmosphere.

With its wide range of films including Argentine, Latin American and worldwide premieres as well as well-deserved retros, BAFICI is the greatest, most prestigious event for the independent cinema in Latin America.

The number of visitors increases year after year: 184.5 thousand people attended the festival in 2005, while in 2008 that number rose to 220 thousand, among the 1011 screenings at all 9 venues of the festival. These and other figures lead us to conclude that the latest has been the most successful edition ever. Not only was there a record of sold tickets, which amounted to more than 167 thousand,  but there also was an innovation of a season of Argentine cinema in the open air, in the Carlos Gardel street of the Abasto district.

A year later, in the 2009 edition, 245 thousand people enjoyed  the 1069 festival’s screenings and they also had access to the unified-ticket selling system which allows buying tickets for any theatre or screening. Moreover, the new section BAFICITO was added for the little ones.

Buenos Aires breathes cinema and its citizens, well-known for their avid filmgoing, join each edition in a growing number.