13 mar 2010

BAL awards

Premios BAL

Buenos Aires Lab, the program of activities oriented to the production and financing of new projects, created to support the development and production of independent film in Latin America, concluded its seventh edition. The verdict of the jurors Fernando Epstein, Lita Stantic and Martin Schweighofer, determined the winners. In Meetings of co-production, the ART award (5 thousand Euros) was for "The last land" (Paraguay) by Paul Lamar (picture), the first Kodak award (15 cans of 35 mm) and Cinecolor (developing and transfer of 15 cans of 35 mm) was also for the Paraguayan film, and the second Kodak award (10 cans of 35 mm) and Cinecolor (developing and transfer of 10 cans of 35 mm) for "NN" (Peru) by Hector Gálvez Campos.

In addition, the Holland Subtilting award (subtitling of a copy) was for "Qatú" (Argentina) by Ulises Rossell, and the Estudio Ñandú award (80 hours of postproduction in study with band arming operator) was to "Corta" (Argentina-Colombia) by Felipe Guerrero. In the section Work in progress, the prize Tauro Digital (96 studio hours for postproduction, divided into 16 hours of sound mix and 80 hours of band arming) was for "Los ausentes" (Argentina) by Luciana Piantanida; and the prize Lahaye (the responsible of the project may choose between 20 days of HD camera equipment or 20 days of HD editing and/or color correction, without human resources included) was for a "Yatasto" (Argentina) by Hermes Paralluelo.