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All the films in this section are related to the dream of building or designing something that could challenge imagination and the horizon the world destined for us. Several refer to big architectonic projects, like apartment complexes planned as a solution for housing problems (Tlatelolco, The Pruitt-Igoe Myth), avant-garde college pavilions from the time Cuba’s revolutionary impulse was intact (Unfinished Spaces), or the incredible Argentine refuge for Dante’s ashes (El rascacielos latino) or, if we think of a more unleashed utopia, the building of an alpine ski run in Dubai (Alpi). Several of these documentaries tap into these projects’ decadence and failure. The range extends from author-architecture (Parabeton) to the pure impulse of housing desperation (Errantes), and their effects transcend the aesthetic field and include urban, social, and even political perspectives.


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