Le Roi de l’évasion

Film Information:


The King of Escape




Alain Guiraudie




35 mm


97 min


  • INTÉRPRETES: Ludovic Berthillot, Hafsia Herzi, Pierre Laur, Luc Palun, Pascal Aubert


  • GUIÓN: Alain Guiraudie,
  • Laurent Lunetta
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Sabine Lancelin
  • MONTAJE: Bénédicte Brunet
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Sylvie Pialat


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Through the erotic games that take place between that between awake and asleep, once again Alain Guiraudie’s eye builds a small de-centered labyrinth where desire challenges almost every social convention. In rural France, forty year-old gay robust Armand Lacourtade sells tractors, but his work relationships are as conflictive as its love life. Armand seeks a way out of being single by going to the only homosexual hangout in his town: a road by the woods. One night, Armand accidentally meets Curly, a 16 year old teenager, when he saves her from being raped. And so, desire enters a new path, and their relationship turns both of them into runaways: an errant couple chased by endless forests. There´s some disconcerting comedy, plenty of a narration that´s independent from rules, genres and canons, and a lot of eroticism in bodies that doesn’t follow the predominant aesthetics. This way, Guiraudie sums up and transcends his own cinematographic parameters.

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