Yo, Duras

Film Information:


I, Duras




Gustavo Galuppo


Color + B&W




61 min


  • GUIÓN: Gustavo Galuppo
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Gustavo Galuppo
  • MONTAJE: Gustavo Galuppo
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Gustavo Galuppo


  • Gustavo Galuppo
  • Mitre 3917
  • S2001IHG Rosario, Argentina
  • T +54 341 462 5924
  • +54 9 341 303 7438
  • E ggaluppo@yahoo.com


In its search for the intersection between the intimate and the strange (that’s already suggested in the title’s ambiguity), Gustavo Galuppo’s new film takes Marguerite Duras’ film and literary work as a starting point and places it in a vanishing point by linking it with other films, including the filmmaker’s own home footage. In the form of an essay that creates its own system of visual and conceptual interconnection between heterogeneous materials, Yo, Duras not only moves the gap there is between Literature and Cinema, it also finds echoes in the experiences of writing and editing, a topic that was much developed by French critics in the years after WWII, mainly through Andre Bazin. In Galuppo’s work, the editing is not “forbidden”, but neither pushes that sole meaning Bazin warned about. Instead, the multiplicity, parallelism, and omnipresent consecutive distortion, all fit out a web that at times feels like a free interpretation –in the most musical sense of the expression– but also proposes a storytelling that, like Duras did, expands and confuses the borders between narrative and poetic forms.

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