La quemadura

Film Information:


La quemadura




René Ballesteros






65 min


  • GUIÓN: René Ballesteros
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Severine Pinaud, Jacques Loeuille, Enrique Ramírez, René Ballesteros
  • MONTAJE: Catherine Rascon, Marina Meliande, René Ballesteros
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Le Fresnoy


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  • 59200 Tourcoing, France
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The Burn is the story of an absence, and a film that is a very personal one due to its subject: filmmaker René Ballesteros’ mother, who disappeared from his life twenty six years ago. Whatever happened to her and how the family was affected by her fate is something that will slowly reveal itself as the film goes on with its mixture of family documentary and essay about the tricks of memory. Margarita’s story is also the one of Quimantú, a legendary publishing house that resulted from the nationalization of company Zig Zag that was ordered by the Unidad Popular government, and which the military government would later –literally– scavenge from the face of the Earth. Today, collectors seek those books in second hand bookstores; they are the traces René and his sister find in their attempt to reconstruct the past. But there’s also fiction, oblivion, hiding: the secret remains. This burst family is now a utopia, an idealization of memory, a nostalgia for something that was never really there. As someone says in the film: “The past is past; nothing can be turned back”.

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