Black Dynamite

Film Information:


Black Dynamite




Scott Sanders






84 min


  • Michael Jai White, Tommy Davidson, Arsenio Hall,
  • Salli Richardson-Whitfield


  • GUIÓN: Michael Jai White,
  • Scott Sanders, Byron Minns
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Shawn Maurer
  • MONTAJE: Adrian Younge
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Jon Steingart


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Before we started talking and reading about cinema, back when we were kids, the act of going to the movies was, above all, a moment of happiness. Some of that can be found in Black Dynamite: first of all, because it’s the perfect reconstruction of an old film; but most of all because as a film, is one of the funniest in recent years. The role created by actors Michael Jai White and Byron Minns is the basis for the script they’ve written alongside director Scott Sanders, and represents the quintessential character from 70’s black cinema; from Richard Roundtree’s always cool Shaft to Rudy Ray Moore’s almost always ridicule Dolomite!, from which Black Dynamite takes many elements. Anyway, it’s well known that analyzing a joke is like reading an interview to a model. It’s best to clear your mind and open yourself to the images: lots of martial arts, funk music, supposedly serious lines, violent zooms on anything, and social workers who wear afros and have bodies like Beyoncé’s (actually better ones, because they show skin when they’re supposed to, and other times as well) As the man says: Can you dig it?

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