Anne Perry: Interiors

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Anne Perry: Interiors




Dana Linkiewicz






70 min


  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Mischa Leinkauf
  • MONTAJE: Philipp Busse
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Academy of Media Arts Cologne


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For many, Anne Perry is a well known name; multiplied on the spines of millions of books that sit on bookstores shelves around the world. It’s also a fictional name, the one adopted by a young English woman named Juliet Marion Hulme, in order to become a best-selling author and hide her true identity. That identity was revealed in 1994, when Peter Jackson made Heavenly Creatures, the film based on the true story of two teenagers who killed the mother of one of them by busting her skull with a stone. One of those teenagers is now the person who is known in the literary world by the name of Perry. Interiors sets on to go beyond the mere anecdote and discover the woman and author of titles such as Dark Assasin and A Christmas Visitor. How does the writing of successful books work? How does one cope with fame in a semi reclusive state? How does she deal with her past? For this, the film turns to long intimate conversations with the writer, and portrays Perry’s entourage, made of characters as unique as the writer herself, all abandoned in a heavenly corner of the planet.

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